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In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Aeria Games revealed a rough schedule for Unreal Engine 3 masterpiece, Bless. The Berlin-based online games publisher stated that it “hopes to launch the Westernized version next year.” Tom Nichols, the chief operating officer at Aeria Games, teased that “one or two PC games and maybe three or four mobile […]

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Closed Beta 3 has been announced and riders around the world are cheering once again to ride the skys of Hakanas! Check out the Official Announcement below: “The skies are calling our Riders once again to battle those who seek to bring chaos to Hakanas!  Grab the reigns in Riders of Icarus as we ride […]

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  It has been officially confirmed that Riders Of Icarus will allow for Action Combat Mode. Adapting from critically claimed AAA MMORPGs like Blade and Soul, Tera and even Neverwinter, the Action Combat Mode is going to change the MMO Game by a landslide!   “Greetings, Riders! I am Seok Hoon, the Project Director of […]

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