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  • CBT3: New PvP Content! January 16, 2017
    We previously talked about our PVE content and now it is time for our amazing upcoming PVP content in CBT3. With everything from merchant runs to territory wars, there is something to fulfill everyone’s battle urges! Merchant system Ever wonder what’s it like to be a trader trading in throughout Nuanor? Well now you can! […]
  • Give me the time you will be most active in est January 16, 2017
    So this thread please just include the Est time for your active hours. Convert from your Local Time to Toronto: TY
  • How much gythil can you give us? January 16, 2017
    Based on your Founder Pack, how much gythil can you trade with me on OBT in order to create the guild as fast as possible? It costs 150,000 to create the guild. Note: the mid and top-tier founders packs ("Founder Pack" and "Deluxe Pack") each come with a "Starter Pack" Within the Starter Pack are […]

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