The Upcoming Online Card Game: ALLIANS

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Sweden’s hottest gaming startup announce Allians – the online card game where you are both player and card


Create your card today and compare it to your Steam friends (or foes).


Inspired by old-school trading cards, fantasy eSports leagues and competitive card games, Allians lets you be both a player and a card. Collect and play with cards that represent real people, with card attributes based on player’s dedication to game genres in Steam. The attributes are used in an innovative battle system and grows stronger as players unlock new Steam achievements or progress in Allians. In addition, you will also gain experience from matches your card has participated in via other players decks.


“Our goal is to democratize competitive gaming by giving all players a chance to become a star, both through winning games and becoming a useful playing card for others”, says Björn Torstensson, co-founder and CEO at Claimony, the company behind Allians.


Allians gives you an opportunity to revisit your Steam library through friendly competition and collaborative achievement hunting. David Garpenståhl, co­-founder of Claimony and a former CEO and owner of DreamHack, adds: “We see huge potential in making achievements more than simple collectibles. Instead, using player and game data, we can create a truly unique and motivational experience that will push you to the next level.”

 As a teaser you can create a preview of your card over at and compare it to your Steam friends (or foes).


On Kickstarter August 23
In a game so dependent on player involvement, launching a Kickstarter is a natural step in the making of Allians.


“We have a helpful community built on achievement hunting and user centered development. Making a game together with them through Kickstarter is an interesting experience, especially when we get a chance to innovate with game mechanics and, above all, the whole concept of what it means to be a player”, says Eric Gulve, Community Manager.


Backers of Allians will receive a variety of card packs to boost their collection, gain alpha and beta access, get to play against founders, unlock special backer skills and much more.



Initially the game will use the Steam platform to shape card attributes. For players of other games, such as League of Legends and Blizzard games, there are stretch goals featuring integration to these platforms. And even if none of these platforms are your thing, do not worry – you will still be able to play Allians.


Learn more over at
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