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We have reached the Month of September and that means Fall is upon us. We have had some amazing changes as of late, so let’s start out with our Community changes!


A whole new brand and logo:

Eterna Gaming Logo - trans - fully

Thanks to our very own Vox, we’ve been working on completely rebranding our logo and image as Eterna Gaming. This is now our brand new, copyrighted and registered Logo for the community. Again, we have only Vox to thank for it as it’s been a tough road with trying to set up something unique that represents us.




In recognition of his hard work in our Divisions, and as chosen by the Community Members of Eterna Gaming, Tenderlute is September’s Member of the Month!



It is to our sad disbelief that we have decided to close down the Blade And Soul Division, and will remain as a Sub-Division until more activity picks up in the Guild itself along with the game. After much work, we’d like to thank ListKeeper for doing his best in trying to keep interest for the guild – let alone game, especially with recruitment.


Thank you List and all those who have been active and keeping the Blade and Soul Division kicking and alive as much as possible.



Our Final Fantasy XIV division has undoubtedly been increasing its player base in the last few weeks. However, they still have a tough road ahead. They are still actively recruiting, especially now with the brand new upcoming patch that includes new raids, dungeons and updates to PvP.


We want to thank Caius for his work with the community, trying his hardest to guide and assist the new members.


Interested and want to try the game? Two week free trial can be found in this link.


More information on our plans for Final Fantasy XIV will be released soon.




With the recent announcement of Revelation Online hitting its Closed Beta Phase in October 2016, we’ve been working hard to make sure there is an abundance of hype and community support for the game to make sure it is successful. With things such as “RevTalk” which is a weekly discussion with special guests just talking about the game, what to expect, what we’ve seen in CN and more; being featured on a Press Release from NetEase, the Developer of Revelation Online (Read more about it here) and just being the most active guild pre-beta on the forums, it’s been an interesting road so far!


We’ve gathered our members in a Meet & Greet, made sure to interview quite a few of them and at the end of the day it was a blissful situation. We have an amazing loyal membership and we hope that they enjoy the direction we’re going. After deciding to fully dedicate ourselves to a more Hardcore outlook, we’ve taken steps to make sure that others understand that we are not just a guild, no – we have plans and we plan to use that plan to dominate.


With our Alliances, we’ve been working on plans already to make sure that the castle sieges come OBT are properly secured in our hands. However, in CBT we will be taking the more.. scenic route. We will not be requiring our members to be Hardcore in CBT, but we will be requiring them to decide the class they will stick to and help us in making sure that the content can be downed first before anyone else. Once again, our goals are World Firsts/Server Firsts and kicking ass in GvG.


We’ve had some amazing feedback and we’re working on making sure that the way this Division is handled is completely and utterly different from the past Divisions and therefore shape the future for Eterna Gaming divisions.


We are as well hosting an amazing Guild Fair (Read More Here) on the Unofficial Revelation Online Discord, featuring some amazing Guilds that are listed in the link above and having the Staff members of come and check out the community in it’s finest moment. Guilds are an extremely important feature in the game, and we are using this opportunity to make sure that Guilds can recruit, make alliances and even make enemies.


More of our activities and community events will be shared next Month during CBT.


“For now, I just want to thank all the amazing, loyal and dedicated members of the Eterna guild for Revelation Online. You’ve stuck with us through thick and thin so far and it’s only going to get much crazier from here. We’ve got some amazing plans for you guys, in order to make sure everyone is happy and having fun while progressing and making sure that we can clearly aim for our goals and hit those goals without obstacles!” – Sarumonin, Guild Leader of Revelation Online





Riders of Icarus has been going strong this month under the leadership of Starry.  We have the alliance between Last Saints and Indominable.  Together they have started to down world bosses on a daily basis.  World bosses like Bismuth, Chief Archer Posseana, Chief Mage Usula, and Cheiftain Keron have been going down at an impressive rate making the alliance one of the top on the server.  The Guild is looking to hit rank 4 next month if the players can come together and grind out that last little bit of XP.


“Life looks good for ROI for the near future keep up the great work guys” – Lord Tentrin.




The Skyforge Division has been continuously progressing and distinguishing themselves as one of the top Pantheons in NA, being the second pantheon to clear D2. With this last Thanatos Avatar 150+ members and non members got their clears and continue to grow.


Asuna has stepped down as an Officer as she decides to explore other games within the community.


We asked an Officer what some of the future goals are for the Skyforge Division, Here is what he had to say:


Skyforge is looking to get its first D3 distortion this coming month. We have a shot at a world first clear; RU and EU are just about as far as we are with D3.” – Mak, Skyforge Officer



We thank everyone for their amazing dedication to our community and we appreciate all the time you guys dedicate and commit to us. We love you! 

David Angel, also widely known as Sarumonin, is the Director of Community, Staff Writer and Online host for