Revelation Online Giveaway #1

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Giveaway 1

We’re happy to announce our first giveaway for the first ever CBT of Revelation Online!


How do I participate?

  • Simple comment why you want to play the first ever CBT of Revelation Online!
  • Do not spam
  • Do not add more than one response


5 winners will be chosen and announced on October 3rd! 


Congratulations to the following winners:

Krishina C Benjamin




Madely Sanchez

Make sure to check your emails that you have attached to your Disqus accounts! 



Revelation Online offers a brand new Massively Online Multiplayer experience in which players will discover a breathtaking adventure in the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky. Dive into the waters or climb to the top of the world – in Revelation Online you can freely reach any place.

Unravel a legendary myth about a mysterious artifact unfolding in exciting cutscenes throughout solo adventures, fascinating group quests and a great variety of dungeons. Gather your allies and take on towering bosses in multiphase raids with up to 20 players. Journey to fabled places in which you will find new friends and new quests to undertake.

Band together and soar through the skies or battle each other in Revelation Online’s competitive play modes. The dynamic combat system delivers a fun PvP experience for casual and hardcore players alike. Exciting challenges range from smaller scale arena duels to epic castle sieges and cross server warfare. Join intense battles with hundreds of players simultaneously; PvP in Revelation Online is limitless.

Revelation Online is developed by NetEase, the second largest gaming company in China. NetEase is the official operator of Blizzard Entertainment’s games in the region as well as the producer of some of China’s most renowned and long running online PC-client games.



• Experience the absolute freedom to explore a gorgeous, ever changing open world. Discover hundreds of stunning locations with different settings and dynamic weather conditions
• Spread your wings and fly without any restrictions! Journey with your friends across the world and unleash the power of your wings in aerial combat!
• Enjoy hundreds of story driven adventures unfolding through spectacular cut scenes
• Participate in raids with epic bosses for up to 20 players
• Join intense PVP battles in numerous modes with hundreds of players simultaneously
• Enjoy the wide variety of character customization and progression
• Develop relationships with new allies using advanced socialization systems
• Deep guild system with personalized fortresses and cross server guild battles

David Angel, also widely known as Sarumonin, is the Director of Community, Staff Writer and Online host for
  • spixel

    I really want to play this first beta because i’m not enjoying CN server (High Ping , i can’t understand CN language). FeelsBadMan

  • Patricia Locht

    I´d love to be able to play CB and be part of this great game helping out during CB. Can offer my point of view before the game releases helping it out. Girl thoughts about it. 🙂

  • Rye Fabon de Vicente

    because i give up on a giveaway like this, the chance of winning a key is 0.01%

  • Ncoop

    I want to play the CBT for RO because i’ve been waiting since before the game came out in CN to play it,and i haven’t played an mmo with my guild for a while,and am looking forward to playing with them again

  • YES Lolita NO Touch

    i want to join the first beta to test occultist or gunner so i can decide whos class im good playing at(watching the gameplay isnt enough to gain experience) 😉

  • Madely Sánchez

    I want to play in the CBT because i’m so hyped with this game and i can’t afford a founders pack.. i want to help looking for bugs and etc. I have tried so many times to win a key but nothing.. I hope i win this time! Good Luck to everyone! <3

  • Matthew Guo

    I want to try this game out

  • Skysofmourn

    To play the CBT with my guild and other friends and to get the hang of the game before anyone else. I am looking foreword to facing others when it comes out. And to be one of the first of many na players to get my hands on the game 😀

  • TP

    Been trying to find the right MMO for a while now, and this looks like it could be the one. WoW went too casual, SWTOR had too little content, Archeage got too P2W and RNG heavy. The content, design and pvp focus of Revelation has me very interested.

  • MrGrim

    To try out the game and maybe give them some pointers as to what can be improved. and the last time i bought a founder pack without trying the game first was skyforge which i bought the most expensive pack for. and in the end i didn’t quite like it. so I’m hesitant to buy a pack and basically play another round of Russian roulette with it.

  • Chi Mander

    As i struggle to drag my broken body with me, i look around and all i see i chaos… Broken hopes, dreams, all games in pieces, torn apart by greed. As i struggle through the debris of a broken game world i start to lose hope. I fall to the floor, my body giving up. Just before I close my eyes, I see a light. Its beautiful and bright. I start to crawl towards the source of the light and then I see it. Hope. A revelation. Its filled with everyone’s dreams and hopes. Our last hopes.
    As i step into the light, I am saved. I want to be one of the first to try it out. Revelation is my dream <3

  • yung yazawa シ

    I’d love to get a code because after BDO burnt me hard I started to really realllyyy look forward to Revelations online. Also if I end up liking it a lot, I’ll probably get an account “upgrade” if thats going to be a thing. I just dont want to blindly throw my cash at one of those founders packs (like I did with bdo. however i do know that this is F2P) and regret it later down the line ;3; I just want to spend money and support what I like :/ and also trying for ping!! since I live in the PH, I’d like to experience the classes before official release so I can choose one that wont be hindered by my ping!

  • Grakyl

    Revelation, there’s no better way to describe it. It’s a goddamn revelation. Literally every single good feature, every single feature is there in Revelation. Wings? They got it. Huge dependence on PvP? They got it. Rich storyline that for the first time, I’m interested in (even though it’s in Chinese)? They got it.

    Also, my Blademaster is calling!

  • Mouzi Rachid

    i knew the game way before she comes to the west NA/EU but couldn’t test the cn version because of the language of course and the ping but when i heard the game was coming to west , i was really HAPPY !! sadly till now didn’t won any key so i hop this time i will .

  • J. K.

    Pretty much what every other MMO is missing is present in Revelation, this is why i’m pretty hyped about it.
    Although i’m wary of buying founder packs, and would wish to test out the game properly before it starts to get some basic knowledge of everything in game plus the classes. Hit me up! 😛

  • José Ramires

    Ever since I stopped playing PWI ive been hopping from game to game, mmorpg to mmorpg trying to find a a similar game with similar traits as PWI, and I found that on Revelation online and MORE, this is the game ive been waiting for, ive been in love for the game for over a year when i saw some youtube videos, really excited to try this out, with decent ping and proper english,

    • Dude, you won a code from our (GameStone) Facebook giveaway and still didn’t pick it up! You have around 8h to do it, or it’s lost 😛

      • Grakyl


  • FruitPunchSamurai

    there’s not much game of this genre and im really into eastern fantasy recently..
    im really excited for this game


    I want to play Revelation because its very RP friendly!

  • Geo Kal

    Would love to try out the game and see the occultist at action 😀 Also the game world seems amazing!

  • Raskw Blue

    I just wanna try the game and hopefully like it.

  • Steve Durkee

    I would love to finally try this game in english since i have only played in chinese. The classes are great, I need to finally pick main class for launch, and I have been gameless since Pearl Abyss killed BDO.

  • Jordan Lock

    I’d like to play the beta because I’ve played PWI before and Archeage, BDO, BnS and it feels like it’s a mix of the best things from all of them.

  • Mie Toh

    Can’t wait to play, because Revelation combines all the amazing features of other MMOs like no game did before! So hyped!

  • alisu

    im hyped af thats the reason
    heres for good luck ;_;

  • Wub Wub

    I want to participate, I saw cryy’s wonderful video about the game and it awoke the hype within me, heck, I can’t even play mmo’s anymore without thinking about revelation.

    good luck to everyone else! ^-^

  • V3ngeful cataclysm

    i want to play cos i am part of vendetta/ house of gaming and to be able to keep up i need to be up to speed but also i love playing mmo rpg’s and love rev that doesn’t justify why i should have a cbt key but i will make the most out of it

  • Maight

    Always up to having the chance to try a new game before others, in hopes of helping others decided whether they want to play the game or not. I already enjoyed what I have played of the game. However, I really want to go through the story and further understand the systems behind the game! Soo, pick me! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  • Hexenbiest

    because I love sandboxes. because this game is my style, and i love my.coms other games too. because i like to get in to alphas, betas, to fiddle around with toons, so when it comes to live, i dont mess up.

  • Eduardo Diaz Da Silva

    Since I saw Revelations at I love it, u can call it love at first sigh lol Basically, I just want to win the giveway beacause Im interesting in the game xD

  • Ced Aguilon Sabino

    because i want to explore and learn about this game and share it with my friends

  • Louis DarknessAngel Imbrogno

    Looking foward to the next game go around with Eterna, had a blast last time. Would love to help get this game as slick as possible so we all stick around.

  • Kurai Hurano

    I want to quit blade and soul 😀

  • Polyphony

    Saw the gameplay and fell in love~

  • lia4lyf

    It looks absolutely amazing! The Graphics and Gameplay just get me excited *_* i cant wait to get my hands on it

  • lilokei

    watching the gameplay videos just hyped me up to the extreme, and it’s the first game where I actually can’t decide which class i want to play.

  • save me from my responsibilities.

  • metalismo

    Based on videos, I think this game is awesome and it catches my taste. Hope to be one of the winner to try this out.

  • Marcos Reis

    i’m just so hyped for the game, that i really wanted to play it, and right now i’m in doubt of playing as healer or as dps, so i want to use the cb to test out the classes and so on, and for that i need a key.

  • EN Kyoto

    i want to play without installing english patch

  • Meta

    Just wanted to play with 30ms and not +300 ms owob

  • Danielle Madero-Craven

    I wanna be able to show the game to people on my stream and play with my friends who already have the keys

  • Krishina C Benjamin

    Well for some reason the first post in the giveaway which was mine disappeared so im posting again.
    in case the first post reappear please ignore this one.

  • David H. Wood

    I want one for my friend so he can play the NA version since that one isnt in CBT stage yet and since i am already a founder awaiting the NA debut of Revelation online

  • Spidek

    I want to play with my friends who has keys already, and I just want to test the game if it is worth it to play.

  • Lucero Bruno

    that’s it

  • Hickari

    I really want test this game becaouse i fall in love in 50-man mount *O*

  • Gumi Bear

    spirit shaper power of justice! it’s over 9000!

  • devilo636

    it could be the next big thing and i would love to try it out!

  • mikimi

    a game where I can have a guild like this with that graphic? come on… I need this game

  • Ewelina Kowalska

    I’ve played many mmorpgs before including BDO and BnS. Saw a gameplay – combat and environment looks amazing and finnaly we got nice healing class ^.^

  • Imdhadh Shareef

    Been waiting for this game to be released in the west for years! Can’t wait to play it. I just wana fly and enjoy dat scenery @_@

  • Maight

    Thank you so much for the key. I will most likely play every or almost everyday depending on my schedule during the first closed beta testing. If I can be of any help in return to you all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I hardly ever win anything so this is pretty exciting! See you in-game and in the mean time, on the Discord! ;p

  • Krishina C Benjamin

    Thank you very much Eternal Gaming for the key, i expect to play everyday and give as much feedback as possible to help making the game even greater for all of us.

  • Grakyl

    Thanks for the key fam <3

  • Nheeb

    People who say fam don’t deserve air.

  • Madely Sánchez

    Thank you for the key!!! I’m so happy!!!!