Revelation Online Brings A Major Graphical Update

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Tonight we were bombarded with a new update coming from MMORPG YouTuber, MMOJACKX57. According to MMOJACK, the company in question “Sparkly Key Studio” is showing off their new engine with upgraded graphics coming to Revelation Online in China next year if all goes according to plan. Currently there are rumors of the studio working alongside NetEase for the Anime accompaniment for the game, however after watching the source be revealed (SOURCE) speculation only falls to a new category: Anxiety. 



According to MMOJACK, the company is wanting to release information on this huge upgrade in the upcoming days and wanted to show off a bit of a teaser. Here are just some of the screenshots from the video itself:


Though we are not 100% certain, also due to NetEase announcing working with Sparkly Key Studio for their upcoming anime and animated filmed (SOURCE), however it seems that MMOJACK along with other close contacts with the company are certain that they are also working with the animation studio to further their game graphics next year. 


What do you guys think?

Truly an upgrade or are we in for a surprise turn of events?

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