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We are now officially in Fall, and we’ve gotten so much done in the last few weeks that we’re pretty much losing our minds! From getting some amazing accolades, hosting giveaways and events along with growing gaming communities?

Let’s get right into it!

In recognition of his hard work in our Divisions, and as chosen by the Community Members of Eterna Gaming, Shinobu is October’s Member of the Month!



As a gift, and a way for us to give back, we have awarded Shinobu with a $20 Steam Card!

Enjoy your gaming!







FFXIV has been going strong this month under the leadership of Shadow. Together they have started to down most of the new Alexander Creator content as well as the new Primals. Everyone in the guild is putting forth great effort to stay ahead of the requirements for PvE and crafting and will soon catch up to the top guilds in the server. With the new patch and content many players will be returning and they will use this chance to continue to grow and bring in new members into the community.

Interested in trying the game out? Sign up for a free 2 week trial by clicking this link.


We’ve had quite the adventurous quest we’ve had the last month! From hosting the Community Guild Fair, to creating some amazing giveaways and even preparing ourselves for the first Closed Beta in North America in the next couple of weeks. Our members have been working extensively hard in the Chinese version of the game to gather enough intel prepare the rest of the membership for their raiding experience. More to that, we’ve had some great turn outs, with the work of our current Officership, to make sure that our goal is met for when Open Beta starts up in a few months.


Furthermore, we finally announced our primary alliances within the game pre-beta just to hype up the game even more! As you may or may not know, the game has an alliance system built inside the Guild System for those who wish to befriend one another to use.


If those who did not know, we are allied with SlayerS and Tenacious for the upcoming release of Revelation Online. We are, of course, working with other guilds to determine our relationships before fully deciding on any factors that may impact our alliances – so, if you ever see us with 9 guilds in the alliance, due to the in-game system, then well it happens. However, our plan right now is only to be us 3 and working together for territory wars. So we wish all of our allies a welcome to an exciting partnership. They have been working with some of us as well in CN, to make sure we are 100% up to date with content.


We want to thank everyone who has been working hard, and can’t wait to see you all in our meeting this Friday! We’ve got some exciting events planned!

If you’re interested in the Guild, and would like to know more about the new direction that Eterna is looking into – then please look at our Guild Module in the Revelation Online forums HERE.


We can’t wait to see you all in game in the next few weeks, and we will be working hard with to make sure that there are exciting events for the community – while doing some giveaways to make sure everyone has a fair chance to enter the upcoming Closed Beta Test of the game.



Riders of Icarus has gone through a lot of changes in the past month. Along with joining a new alliance, new officers have joined the ranks: Soullessness (PVP) and MythicOkami (Recruitment). Please welcome them to the team!


Riders also has the honor of having the Member of the Month in their family – Shinobu. Congratulations and enjoy your gold star! Shinobu is a friendly and helpful member and a joy to play the game with – enjoy your $20 gift card!


The upcoming update, Rift of the Damned, will be arriving on October 5th. Content will include 5 more levels (to 40), a new dungeon, field bosses and mounts to collect. Tritael Rift is touted to contain “incredible and exciting challenges to our bravest Riders.” For more info visit the Dev Blog here:


With the new patch on October 5th, we hope that our loyal Eterna Riders will return to join us in the fun. If you have been removed for inactivity, please hop on TeamSpeak and ask an officer to be invited back.


We spent the previous month in Skyforge anticipating the new changes coming to the game with a brand-new patch coming out this Wednesday.  There’s been much discussion if the new patch will bring good changes or bad ones, but one thing is for sure it will be interesting. With a new class and a new questing system implemented there will be plenty of things to relearn in the game, many of us hope the new changes will bring new life back to Skyforge; bringing both new players and old that have stepped away from the game.



As a pantheon we’ve been preparing for these changes for sometime now trying to fill out our roster as much as possible and get as many clears for both distortions and avatars before it hits.  Thanks to both the officers and many of our great members, we’ve accomplished much in the last month – many books have been acquired, and many new players have been added to our roster. With many concerned about the future of Skyforge, we can assure all of our members of one thing as long as there is a game to be played we will have a pantheon within it. With the help of the members and the officers inside the Skyforge division we will continue to compete at the highest levels the game offers.




Finally we would like to give special thanks to both members and officers that specifically have been running their asses off helping members get books from the last two avatars. Without the immense time and dedication that you guys have given to our pantheon, many of the members will be going into the patch unprepared.  It is this type of dedication that guarantees we will continue to have a strong force within Skyforge. We look forward to seeing which members in the coming  months will step up and join these teams that continue to make Eterna a special place to be in Skyforge.





We thank everyone for their amazing dedication to our community and we appreciate all the time you guys dedicate and commit to us. We love you! 


David Angel, also widely known as Sarumonin, is the Director of Community, Staff Writer and Online host for