November Update + Eterna Gaming 2.0

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Welcome to our November update, and yes though we are a bit delayed it is within good reason as we have changed a lot of our structures in games, community-wise and even charter wise. Let us start!



These last few weeks have been a drastic change for Eterna Gaming as a brand, as a community and most of all as a virtual home for gamers everywhere. First and foremost, our leadership structure that we’ve had established since the creation of the community such as:


  • Community Leader
  • Community Manager(s)
  • Division Leader(s) [Guild Leaders]
  • Division Officer(s)
  • Division Members
  • Community Members


We’ve looked at this hierarchy and it has come to our attention that we never fully explained the roles in the community that are presented with said roles. We’re happy to announce that our Community Roles & Responsibilities has been updated as of two weeks ago and is currently under construction to make sure that there is no communication barrier or room for error when a role is taken up. Furthermore, we have started to create new positions in the community to allow for the voice and needs of the entire community to be heard.


“I’ve worked hard, given my life, blood, sweat and tears into creating and molding this beautiful community. It started so small and look at it now. I understand the scrutiny we are under due to the constant attacks from individuals who did not believe in the community we have. I also understand the need to try and take things into your own hands in order to create and mold your own community. I do not however understand the constant need for lies and badgering of our community in order to legitimize their own. I love every single person in this community – whether I have met them or not. The fact you, yes you reading, took a moment out of your time to give us a chance, took time out of your life to even give us a glance is something I am eternally grateful. The community wouldn’t be what it is today, that’s for sure and I believe that with our new structure, our brand new systems and community outreach – that we will be able to truly represent ourselves as the premier Gaming Community that we truly are. ” – Sarumonin, Community Leader



Apart from the changes in community structure, it’s with our newest change that we have decided to retire the following Divisions in order to give us an advantage in starting fresh.

  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Riders Of Icarus
  • Skyforge


Though our time with Final Fantasy XIV was very short, we enjoyed the game immensely with our members and hope that they continue enjoying the game through other means. Eterna is no longer a part of Final Fantasy XIV and we wish them the best of luck with all things within that wonderfully created MMORPG.


After a few months taking down content and becoming widely recognized, we’ve decided to retire our Riders of Icarus division and our members have decided to merge into another guild in the game that will allow for their goals in game to finally be realized. We truly hope they enjoy the game with said guild and for more information you can contact the members of Riders of Icarus in-game or on our forums.


Our most successful Division that truly made a name for Eterna Gaming is Skyforge. After 2 years of constant activity, getting server firsts, fighting alongside the very best, becoming #1 for a long time and eventually remaining in the top 3 guilds/pantheons of North America, we’ve decided to put this MMORPG behind us. Our members had fun beyond belief in this AAA MMORPG published by, and our members that are still playing the game have decided to merge into a new name. More information can be found on the Skyforge forums.


Of course, all these members are still amazing members of our community and we want them to succeed both in the virtual world and the real world. We wish them the very best and can’t wait for 2017!




For the last few months, we have become a successfully known name for the Revelation Online community. However, after testing out the Closed Beta #1 with the rest of the Revelation Online Division, we found it best to move on from our “Hardcore” stance and truly go back to our roots as the community members we are: Semi-Hardcore. Though this term is thrown around loosely, it has however been the epitome for our successes in the past with Divisions. We wanted to try something new by moving on and becoming a Hardcore Division, but we lost sight. We lost sight of what our values, visions and goals were for the game. Somewhere down the line we changed our attitudes and our mindset and caused a disturbance within our own community.



We are proud to announce that we have decided to move forward with our own visions, values and goals with Eterna in Revelation and be called Semi-Hardcore. Our ideals are simple, to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played, to work together and progress as a guild and as a team, and ultimately to truly be a community that cares for its members. Our past work as a Hardcore division did not reach our expectations and we hope that through our brand new transition back to our roots, that we will be able to have an even more successful division than we had.



With that in mind, we have been working hard with and the Revelation Online guild leaders from NA and EU to create some amazing events. For CBT 1, Cupcake Thunder and Eterna Gaming teamed up to create a Guild Screenshot Contest in which the winners would win amazing recognition to thousands of players on our very own hosted unOfficial Revelation Online Community Discord!


NA Contest

EU Contest


We’re anxiously awaiting CBT 2 and hoping for the best in terms of translations. Right now we’re taking a break from the game to make sure our transition over to CBT 2 will be a smooth one.


For more information on our guild, please go to:




We are finally proud to publicly announce our official division for the upcoming Survival MMORPG: Dark and Light. Though this is a little new to us, as we are often used to the common MMORPG Fantasy realm, we are happy to say that this will help us branch out even further than ever before.


How and Why was This Division Created? 

In Eterna Gaming, from Day 1 we allow all members to create their own Sub-Divisions, which are divisions for games that are not yet recognized by the staff as it does not meet the requirements. However, this allows for a multitude of success and the members to grow their own Divisions into officially recognized ones based on Activity, Numbers and overall attitude. In this case, our community member Yumo decided to create a sub-division for this upcoming MMO and it very quickly became an active hope for members. From having the numbers, to recruiting on all things Dark and Light, we saw the potential in this game and its leadership already. If after a few days a sub-division becomes popular enough, it will automatically transcend into a Division which the community management can go ahead and help out if necessary.



What are Your Goals for Dark and Light?

The game is a hardcore situation, but the division is not. That being said, the idea is to be grouped up as a guild and enjoy the game as it should be. As the game comes closer we will reveal our plans and vision for the Division, but for now you’re welcome to check out our Recruitment Page via:



The new year is upon us and we’re all ready for the upcoming Divisions.


At the moment we have our Divisions pre-made and set up with the interest of the members. Here are the Divisions:


  • Archeage: Revelations (2016)
  • Bless Online (2017)
  • Camelot Unchained (2017)
  • Chronicles of Elyria (2017)
  • Crowfall (2017)
  • Dragon’s Dogma (2017}
  • Peria Chronicles (2017)
  • Moonlight Blade (2018)

We are also in the middle of testing upcoming MMORPGs and other genres that we cannot disclose, but we can say that 2017 is the year we take the MMORPG world by storm.

Member Of the Month


We are proud to call: Kaeas Theary our Member of the Month for November. With all his hard work inside the community, from our retired division in Skyforge and working hard with the community to grow it further – we are extremely proud to call him our Member of the Month and we want to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this community.



We want to thank everyone for their continuing support of Eterna Gaming and all we stand for. We’re excited for our changes and truly be Eterna Gaming 2.0. Yes, we have our flaws and we’re not perfect but we want to be. We want to make sure all our members can benefit from these changes. Coming later this month we will be having our brand new Store that will be available world-wide for all to buy, along with accessories and even teddy bears.

Oh, and we forgot to mention. We’ve opened our forums and community applications to the entire public. All are now welcome to join us and experience the amazing gaming adventure we hold true and dear for our members. With that said and done, we’ve created a Community Discord Server (For Texting Only!) to allow the members of the community to get fast notifications, text one another and get to know each other even more effectively. Teamspeak will remain our VOIP for Community and Divisions. The Discord server is only added as a resource for all of our members that just chill in bed and text on their phone.


Want to join? It’s restricted to our community members only, but sign up today and just get in!


Until next time!

David Angel, also widely known as Sarumonin, is the Director of Community, Staff Writer and Online host for