NetEase Presents Eterna Gaming To The World

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author image by Sarumonin | 1 Comment | 17 Aug 2016

It is our great honor, surprise and pleasure to announce that NetEase presented Eterna Gaming and its Revelation Online division for NA/EU as a Press Release.


Forgive the horrible Google Translate. We will have a fully translated article provided by our very own Minnlite.


They went on about how we were one of the hardcore guilds that were recruiting with our serious forum thread. Afterwards, they started mentioning some of our amazing members like Cryy, Minnlite, Kazixim and even our very own Neoyoshi!



We are extremely proud of all of our Revelation Online members, their dedication to the game and how they have conducted themselves in the public eye. Thank you so much NetEase and Tianyu for this Press Release. We appreciate all you have done for the game and we can’t wait to step inside and enjoy ourselves.


For the original Press Release from NetEase go to:

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