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NECROPOLIS combines third-person action with Rogue-lite dungeon-delving for a game that’s fast-paced and addictive, yet diabolically hardcore. You play as a nameless adventurer attempting to escape a living, magical dungeon that reconstructs itself each time you play, with only one way out – down. Craft, equip, explore, and fight to stay alive as you delve deeper and face ever-greater threats in the twisting halls and endless chasms of the NECROPOLIS. Have no doubt, you’re going to die – often! – but you’ll improve your combat skills, available upgrades, and dungeon know-how with every playthrough, bringing you one step closer to the exit. (WARNING: “Just one more time” mindset can be addicting.)


  • DEATH IS PERMANENT. Game Over? Jump right back in with a new adventurer and try again!
  • DEATH IS DIFFERENT EVERY TIME. A new procedurally-generated dungeon with every death.
  • DEATH IS BETTER WITH FRIENDS. Drop-in / drop-out co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players!
  • DEATH IS MONSTROUS. Gemeaters, Changelings, Hoardmen, and more – they exist to kill you.
  • DEATH IS NOT WITHOUT PERKS. Each new dungeon is littered with powerful weapons, armor, and upgrades to wield against your foes. (And there’s crafting, too!)
  • DEATH IS UNAVOIDABLE. But don’t worry, this NEXT playthrough is totally the one. We’ve got a good feeling about it.




We’ve spent quite a bit of time with this little gem provided by Harebrained Schemes, and though we loved quite a bit of it, we also found it a bit lacking.


For our very own Asuna, a dedicated member of Eterna Gaming:

“Overall, I enjoyed the game very much and feel it has great potential. There were a few bugs, such as random flying and being unable to see other players, and some visual issues with where players were for resurrection and where the interact could take place as well as there being some camera glitches where it would randomly do a 180. My biggest annoyance was the “friendly fire” aspect at times. It can be very difficult to avoid your teammates during combat, especially when a large mob has been aggro-ed. The character customization was pretty neat and something that I had not seen before, and I love that the avatars are humanoid in shape but not in feature so much. I would recommend this game to others, but I think I would tell them to wait until its on sale to buy it.”


We’ve got to agree, the game is absolutely wonderful. We adore every second of it, with it’s amazing generated levels that are random every time, making your journey to leaving The Necropolis that much more exciting – to loving the optimized engine that game runs on.




The awesome aesthetics of the game with it’s cell-shaded features, and awesome game mechanics, traps and even gear/weaponry made it a rewarding adventure to discovering the secret that lie inside The Necropolis and how to escape.




We strongly recommend you play with friends, as to be honest it is not a forgiving game. Once you’re dead, it’s all ogre. That’s right, ogre. Apart from the joke, it’s true it is very unforgiving and you’ll have to start from Point A. However, it’s great to note that you do keep your Codexes (Books) and Tokens! Of course the colors you can find and buy within the game are also permanent.




We asked another of our members that were testing the game extensively with us, Drizzit – on what he truly thought of the game.

“Very fun game there are pros and cons to it.  Cons are things such as friendly fire, random flying glitches where you pop up on top of the map and can not get down, some of the mob mechanics where they hit you when you are not close to them, and the raise mechanic where you sometimes can not raise the person or if you can its in a location that is nowhere near the body.  Pros the game is very addictive and interesting, art style is very awesome and so is the sound and music.  Other pros are that you have no specific class and that you can equip anything that drops and have different choices of weapon combinations.  The whole character editing is also really cool aspect to the game.  Overall I would recommend this to other players, however, the way it is I would suggest lowering the price down.”


Overall, we were extremely pleased with the game, considering some of the bugs and issues we’ve ran across. We hope the game grows even more by providing even more ground-breaking content that will make us all break our keyboards.

Awards & Recognition

  • “PAX East 2015 Editor’s Choice Award” – Rob Morrow, Destructoid
  • “PAX East 2015 Community Choice Award” – Destructoid
  • “Certain games, you know the ones, give you that straight up “YES. THAT. PLEASE.” reaction. Something about the aesthetic, the animation, the developer – something makes you disregard any possibility other than finding a way to get it onto your hard drive as soon as possible. For an example, please see above.” – Ben Barrett, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • “Necropolis has all the makings of a smash hit – the kind of Roguelike that hardcore players will brag about beating for years to come.” –Geoff Thew, Hardcore Gamer
  • “…the play lives up to the pitch. Even in its early alpha stage, Necropolis is a tightly constructed, unforgiving third-person action rogue-like.” – Brian Crecente, Polygon
  • “PAX East 2015 Best-Of-Show (Bronze)” –
  • “Necropolis looks incredible, rub your eyeballs on it immediately.” – Alice Lynton,


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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
Bandai Namco is bringing NECROPOLIS to PS4 and XBOX One Summer 2016.

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