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Eterna Gaming had the pleasure of interviewing the development team, Phoenix Labs, along with the community management team over at Dauntless, about their upcoming game.


EG: First and foremost, what is Dauntless?
PL: Dauntless is a co-op, action RPG where players will band together to discover a shattered world, forge powerful weapons, and hunt the ferocious behemoths threatening our survival.


EG: Before we start with the community questions, there are some questions that people are dying to know…
When is Closed Beta? Alpha?
PL: We’re excited to get people in and playing as soon as we can, but we don’t have a firm date yet.

EG: Will there be a Guild System?
PL: We want slayers to be able to group up and form lasting bonds. “Guild System” can mean different things to different games, but we’re going to have ways for people to connect and play together.

EG: Will there be any IP Block?
PL: No. We are not planning an IP Block.

EG: Where will the server(s) be taking place?
PL: This is still being decided. It’s a more sophisticated thing for us, too. GeoLocation isn’t the only factor in server infrastructure.




EG: I saw that the world is supposed to be seamless, but we wanted to ask for more elaboration on that. Is the world completely seemless (Revelation Online), or just within the hunt levels (Warframe, PSO 2, etc.).
PL: Slayers will be able to explore entire islands without loading screens when they embark on hunts.

EG: Will beta players get any benefits for playing the game early?
PL: We don’t have any set plans, but we would like to reward everyone who’s already an awesome part of the community.

EG: Will there be a buy for early access option?
PL: We’re still deciding our monetization plans. That’s not to say that we will or won’t – everything is still being decided

EG: Will the game operate with gamepads like controllers?
PL: This is still being decided. Combat works well on gamepads, but not some of the other menu elements that we’re planning. We want to make sure that if we support gamepads that it’s feels great and works 100%


EG: What brought you to the decision of launching as free-to-play?
PL: We want players to be able to decide what elements of the game they want to support and where they’re comfortable supporting the game. It also allows players to play the game without purchasing, putting the power back in their hands – which we believe in!

EG: Any plans for some kind of affiliate programs to get content creators involved in the game to help promote it?
PL: We are excited for slayers to stream and talk about our game. We also want our success to contribute to their success. We don’t have any details about what this will entail yet, but we will be working with creators on something that’s mutually beneficial.

EG: Will the game be server-client or peer2peer? If server-client, which regions will they be hosting servers?
PL: The game will be server-client. We’re focused on delivering and ensuring the highest quality experience and this allows us to do so.

EG: Will there be monster variants within the same species?
PL: We want behemoth encounters to be as varied as possible. To this end, we’re still deciding whether or not there will be special and occasional behemoth variations.




EG: Will there be a ranking system in the game for competition?
PL: We want slayers to be able to prove their skill and stand out among their peers. We’re still experimenting with the best way to do this.

EG: What are the fail criteria for a hunt? What happens if you are knocked out?
PL: We’re still fine-tuning what failure and retreat means for slayers. We’re committed to developing a system that both rewards cooperation and pushes players’ skills.

Character Status:
EG: If you are hit by a friendly player, will you be staggered, tripped or even knocked into the air/knocked away depending on their attack? If so, will such a feature also do friendly damage
PL: We are not currently planning to have friendly fire.

EG: Can you get drunk? On a hunt and/or in town?
PL: Ramsgate is where slayers can improve their gear, discover new challenges, make new friends, and experience the culture of the Shattered Islands. We’re still nailing down the details!

EG: Is there going to be an absolute focus on melee weapons or will ranged options be introduced later?
PL: We are planning to have at least one ranged weapon. Keep in mind that we are still planning, designing, and fine-tuning weapons. So, the details are still being ironed out.

Survival System:
EG: Will there be survival like elements to the game like hunger?
PL: We want the focus of Dauntless to be on intense and challenging hunting. Anything that distracts from this will likely not make it into the game.

EG: If armor comes in various categories like light, medium and heavy; will they have weight that affects movement?
PL: No. We want slayers to be able to hunt together without anyone being left behind or having to wait up. Different armor will have different attributes that affect game-play and will feel very distinct, but movement is not one of them.

EG: Equipment wear and tear. Will things need to be repaired? Perhaps sharpen a weapon during a hunt?
PL: This is something that we’re still deciding. We want hunts to be fast-paced, strategic, challenging, and visceral.





EG: Will there be a day / night cycle?
PL: Yes. But time of day will not shift once you have embarked on a hunt.

EG: Are there seasons/weather/day-night cycles?
PL: There is a ton of variation among the Shattered Isles. Slayers will encounter varied environments in their travels.

Pets & Mounts:
EG: Will there be pets that we can tame and possibly have them attack with us? Could the behmoths be tamed as pets or mounts?
PL: We’re still making decisions about character customization – we’ll have more details later!

Quality Of Life System: 
EG: Will there be any housing in the game? Will we be able to own our own airships and customize them?
PL: We’ll have more details later!

EG: How about professions with mini-game mechanics? Fishing, farming, trading etc that requires a simple but fulfilling task to be done. Good time sink.
PL: We want the focus of Dauntless to be on intense and challenging hunts. We also want islands to be interactive and serve a larger purpose than being stages for killing behemoths. Slayers will need to gather some additional materials to craft their weapons and armor – we’re still deciding what this entails.

EG: Will the game feature a matchmaking or lobby system? Both?
PL: We will have a matchmaking system that supports playing with friends.

EG: Any plans for emotes, dancing/crying/sitting etc.? I really want this feature.
PL: We’re currently working on player emotes, but we’re not ready to disclose details yet.

EG: Will instruments be in the game as a side activity in town where you can make your own songs and bands?
PL: This is not currently planned, but it’s worth mentioning that Phoenix Labs has a few people who do love to make music together!




Leveling System / Skill Trees:
EG: Will there be skill based classes or will it be freeform? (ie. pick up a weapon and go for it)
PL: Dauntless will not feature a “traditional” class system. We want slayers to be able to approach each situation differently by altering their loadout.

EG: Will there be leveling, talent trees, xp, or another permanent progression system?
PL: We are still deciding this.

EG: It’s been said that each weapon has a load-out for skills. Will different weapons of the same type have the exact same skills? ie all hammers have the same skills no matter what hammer it is.
PL: This is a great place to learn more: https://playdauntless.com/weapons-and-armour/


EG: Will there be any mode of play that allows for more players* than the standard 4-player-coop?
PL: We are currently focusing our efforts on fine-tuning the 4-player hunting experience.


EG: What would you like to tell the community of Dauntless or fans just tuning in to find out about this game?

PL: We are hugely flattered and excited by the outpoouring of excitement that our announcement has received. We are looking forward to making a game and community where people will make life-long friends and have experience that they’ll be talking about for years. For anyone who hasn’t signed up yet, we invite you to join us!



You can learn more about Dauntless at:

Official Website






David Angel, also widely known as Sarumonin, is the Director of Community, Staff Writer and Online host for EternaGaming.com.