Revelation Online [CN] English Patch

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author image by Sarumonin | 1 Comment | 18 Nov 2016

Special thanks to the RU Translation Group.

Remember to backup your Chinese and files before copy/pasting the English files. You will need these Chinese files for the next time when the game patches as you cannot update with the English patch.

The Chinese server usually patches every Wednesday around 8 – 10 PM ET.

Need help on how to Download and Install the English patch?

Watch this satire video from our very own Sarumonin.



"The English Patch for Revelation Online CN has been an amazing experience for Eterna Gaming to get in touch with the community of Revelation Online. You guys have been an amazing bunch of people to speak to on a daily basis and learn mistakes from. We have enjoyed so much working with the Translation Team in order to provide you all this English Patch, allowing for almost 30,000 downloads a week alone! You guys are amazing. However, our work comes to an end. Not just us, but the Translation Team as well. On February 22nd, we will discontinue the creation and distribution of the English Patch for Revelation Online CN. The reason for this is due to the fact that Headstart for Revelation Online NA/EU begins on February 27th. Open Beta officially begins March 6th. We understand that you guys will be in wanting of these patches, but we have said it since we started hosting this patch in 2016 that we were only doing this until Headstart/OBT for NA/EU. We thank you all and hope to see you in-game." - Eterna Gaming Community



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