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2016 is ending and we’ve had some amazing experiences this year with meeting extraordinary people and achieving some incredible goals that no one thought we could accomplish. It’s been a year of learning to trust people, a year of remembrance and most importantly a year of community. We learned a lot from what we started here in Eterna Gaming – from creating a gaming community to learning about how to balance the real world, the virtual world and the community world which all intertwines together. The last few months our updates have not been as in-depth as they could be, and in all honesty it’s been due to how much work we’re putting into the community itself right now.


Nevertheless, we’ve grown so much from when we started almost 3 years ago. Eterna Gaming was never, ever dreamed to be this big. To become a recognized icon for gaming communities, guilds and most importantly for the community it brings together. It only really put out its true potential this year when we started working on Revelation Online. From our members creating the unOfficial Community Discord, to working with a fan site and growing the community of the game from no hype to being nominated for Most Anticipated Game of 2017. It has been an overwhelming feeling, to experience this joy of bring games together and helping them grow their community. That’s why we pledge from 2017 and forward to continue doing just that. Growing games that have potential and promoting them to create an amazing, overly positive world for gamers to enjoy. But enough about our plans for now, let’s reflect on what’s new this month.





Over the last year, we’ve watched Eterna Gaming grow and seen a lot of flaws from the community management side of things to how we produce our content. We spoke briefly about this in November (SOURCE) along with our new way to brand ourselves with our self-proclaimed “Eterna Gaming 2.0”. At the beginning of this month we started working with the community to find out what works and what doesn’t work for them. What will truly help us grow and what won’t. The truth of the matter is the fact that when we started this community in early 2014, the vision was to grow, become a true community and aspire to become an amazing pioneer of the meaning like “Grievance”, “Sinister Swarm” or even “Tenacious Gaming”. These were gaming communities that truly inspired the work and life of Eterna Gaming. What we started with, though it be short, was our history.



Which is why we have fully opened up our History of Eterna Gaming webpage available HERE for all to see how far we’ve come along. Again, it’s not as long as many communities out there that have been together for dozens of years or even a decade or so, but we’re working our way through it.


Our community also opened its doors to everyone to join us, as long as you’re 18 years or older. No crazy application or waiting to be approved. If you want to join the community, then go right ahead. The divisions themselves are different, of course. Where as in the community anyone can join, the divisions themselves have their own set of rules and regulations to let people in or not. Furthermore, our divisions have grown exponentially. We are currently working with multiple publishers to see what games will fit Eterna Gaming.


We’ve also opened an entire list of our Retired Divisions and how long we were in those game for. You can check out that page HERE.





Though last month we announced that our upcoming divisions would be the following, we also added some new ones that have grown interest in the community:

  • Bless Online (2017)
  • Camelot Unchained (2017)
  • Chronicles of Elyria (2017)
  • Crowfall (2017)
  • Dauntless (2017)
  • Dragon’s Dogma Online (2017}
  • Identity (2017)
  • Peria Chronicles (2017)
  • Moonlight Blade (2018)


We have started recruitment for some of these games already, such as Bless Online, Crowfall and Chronicles of Elyria. You can see the pages below:



“Ok I would like to say I need all the dark and light members to hop into teamspeak 3 and contact me to answer a few questions and I will update you fully. We have some plans laid down for our goals such as maintain and control a cave with rare resources where we will be building our base. Also we plan to have designated hunting parties. One for PVP, along with rare monsters big game hunting. The other for crafters to gather safely as a group in case we are attacked and build together. We will also be sending some of our better pvp members with the Gathering party as needed. We have a few new recruits also to be welcomed so come welcome them!” – Grim, Head Officer



The game is rumored to release this month, which has piqued the interest of many of our community players. There has been some information on updated predicted server size along with more information from the staff at Snail Games USA.



We’d like to take a moment to thank the unofficial community Discord for Dark and Light over at:

We’d also like to give thanks to Kroy, who is one of the administrators of the Discord and also created the Sub-Reddit for the game. Kroy has been a joy to speak with and work with over the past few weeks, from keeping us all in the community of DNL updated on the game’s current state. We asked Kroy why he is so excited about the game and what he thinks about the community in Dark and Light so far, here is what he had to say:

“I was a fan of the original Dark and Light. A forum warrior, and an active player for a long time. The game had a huge amount of problems, but despite all that, I was captivated. The huge single world and (potential for) massive populations; the exploration; taming and flying dragons; parachutes; flying to the top of a mountain and sledging down on the back of your shield. The politics; the PvP; the realm strategy; the meta game; the raids; sieges; skirmish battles That’s what brought me to this DnL, that and I was in the mood for a new MMO. This DnL… is something different. It sounds like Skyrim and Ark’s lovechild. It has some of the same features as the original DnL, but is not the re imagining of the original DNL I was hoping for. I intend to play it, but now it has to stand on its own merits and create its own success. It can no longer rely on my nostalgia fueled memories to get me hooked. The community though, like with most things, can make even the most basic or terrible games fun, so there could be that too. Now we just need to know how many of the 1000+ discord members we can cram on to one server “


We’d also like to thank the team over at Ganareth, which is a fan-site/forum for the community of DNL. If you’re looking for lore, information, guilds or more – then we highly recommend this website! You can check it out at:




Last month we announced that our new stance, or rather original stance, of Semi-Hardcore would remain a permanent style for all of the Eterna Gaming divisions from here on out. So far, it’s been a great experience, but of course with lack of beta testing, there’s been no activity on any front for Revelation Online. Right now our two members of the community, Creylith and Kaladin are hosting a guild in the Chinese version of Revelation Online (Tianyu) called Eterna where anyone can join. There is no need to apply to our division or community or anything of the sort of pre-requisites. Just play the game and enjoy yourselves. However, for the North American guild/division there will be a need for application and approval prior to joining us. If you are interested in any of these guilds, please make sure to go on the unOfficial Community Discord for Revelation Online.




We have also started hosting the Revelation Online English Patch for the Chinese version of the game. This patch is brought to you buy the RU Translation Team, and you can download it straight from us. Every week until OBT we will have the files available on our servers for you to download. The page will give you the version number of the patch to match with the actual game, along with the date it was updated. (SOURCE)


You can go to the direct link via:

We also started hosting our own little contest for Guilds, which was pretty successful, considering the state of the game. Working with Cupcake Thunder was a fun little experience, and we will continue to host some fun events in the future. For now, just keep a look out at the discord and there will be more updates for you.

We are all pretty excited for Revelation Online CBT 2 which should be announced soon, and we are still actively recruiting members for the game. If you’re ready to join us or want more information, please visit:

Member Of the Month


We are proud to call: Yujiro, our Member of the Month for December. With all his amazing work that he’s done in the community, from leading divisions, growing the community and being one if not the most active user on our forums and social media, this is well deserved. Thank you so much Yujiro for your continuing support towards Eterna Gaming. We are honored to have you as our member and humbled that you allowed us to be your virtual home.


We’re super excited for 2017, as this will probably be the last entry we have in this type of format. We are changing a lot of our structure and we believe that starting 2017 would be the best way to demonstrate just that. We’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. 2016 was a great year for us to learn and truly grow for the way we want to accomplish our vision. 2017 is the year we really show our potential.


We want to thank everyone, and we mean absolutely everyone that has supported Eterna Gaming for the past 3 years, and continue to support us. We know we’re a bit delayed on our Store, but it will be up soon. We promise. We want to thank all the volunteers, mods, donators, and most importantly the entire membership of Eterna Gaming for being the best community that we can be. You guys are the greatest, and we can’t wait to show you how much more we can improve next year.


Until next time!










David Angel, also widely known as Sarumonin, is the Director of Community, Staff Writer and Online host for