The Charter

  • Welcome to the Official Website for Eterna Gaming. Enjoy your stay.

Eterna Gaming™ began its venture into gaming in early 2014. Though starting out as a small guild, the guild grew into the Premier Multi-Gaming Community you see before you today. The goal and vision of the community is to enhance the gaming experience of gamers everywhere, while trying to create the best virtual environment possible. Our purpose is to make the best out of your stay in gaming and leave you with the best gaming experience. We host players with years of experience in various MMO’s, some dating as far back as the first Everquest and Ultima Online. These players are all friendly and willing to help their members in whatever game they choose as we are not only limited to one game.

Eterna Gaming™ is not just a guild in a game. Its a family. We play together, watch anime and TV together. Movie nights with members. We host various beta key give-aways and events for founders packs and the sort in various games to give back to our community. We offer partnerships with various organizations to make your game time a more enjoyable experience.

We offer a solid gaming opportunity for any member that is interested.


Five General Rules of Eterna Gaming


1. Have fun!
2. Practice common courtesy!
3. Don’t take things too seriously!
4. Help each other!

5. You are responsible for your actions!




You must be at least 18+ to join Eterna Gaming.


We do take the word “maturity” seriously and apply it to our everyday lives within the Community. All members should feel as though they are in a mature, peaceful, fun and relaxing environment. By mature we mean that we are an adult community, if you do not take being a part of the Community seriously then we shall not take you seriously. We do tolerate and enjoy adult topics and material at a “reasonable” level, but we never go out of bounds and do not tolerate any type Racism, Sexism, or comments against Sexual Orientation. We have a variety of players from many different cultures and we respect that first and foremost.

If you plan to be inactive for 1 or more weeks at any given time, please use the “Temporary Leave” section on the Forums. We would appreciate a heads up in advance. If your account is inactive for longer than 3 months, you may be removed from Eterna Gaming™|

Teamspeak Etiquette

The following are not a series of exact rules, but strong guidelines and general etiquette for Teamspeak that should be followed by anyone online.  Please contact a member of Management if you should have any questions about the content.

  1. Don’t talk while another person is talking. It is difficult if not impossible to understand either person when this happens. It will happen from time to time due to the hectic nature of big engagements and that is okay. Just do your best to not interrupt and talk over others. 
  2. Step outside yourself and take note of the amount of time you spend talking on comms. Try not to hog up comms. This is very important when you consider how many recruits, applicants and visitors we have. We need to allow openings on comms so that new people have a chance to speak and interact with the group so we can get to know them.
  3. Push-to-talk is highly recommended but not required. Nobody wants to hear you chewing your food, you talking to someone outside the game, or your coughing into their ear. If you can pull that off with Voice Activation and a mute button, then more power to you. If not, then you may be asked to switch to Push-to-Talk. Just remember to try and be courteous to those you are playing with.
  4. Anything that is hindering your team’s progress, ruining the fun for other players, or attempting to anger fellow players for your own entertainment is not tolerated. If you want to talk about racist/religion/discriminating/porn/nudity/gore/other take it to the Unscensored Lobby.
Website and Forum Policy

Please realize that many people have taken a lot of time and money in order to provide accommodations to the Community, such as a domained website and bandwidth. We ask that you get involved in our forums and communicate with one another. It is vital as well that you view any pertinent information such as news, changes to the community, etc on our website. Some of our news/updates/changes can only be found on the website/forums. Please visit our website & forums at least “3” times a week to find out what’s new.


  • Activity – The forums are a vital source of communication, feedback, and constructive criticism for our members and community as a whole. It is important to understand that as gamers, we are very loyal to our games, as well as the people behind them. Please remember that we are a community that harbors a solid and positive union of players through like minded interest. 
  • Do not Troll – No “Flaming” or “Badgering” meaning writing hostile or insulting messages aimed at other users for their views, comments, status as a user on the site, or any other reason. You can disagree with someone’s views and still be polite about it.
  • Elitism – Keep in mind that some people do not possess the same hand/eye coordination as you, or have the time to pursue a certain genre to a professional level. Snobby elitism is generally frowned upon, and direct assaults because someone isn’t “as good as you” will win you a vacation.
  • Game Bashing – It may seem strange, but many people like more than one game. If you want to compare to other games, you need to be constructive.
  • Be Respectful – While we may not agree on the same topics, it is important to understand that all topics, comments, posts, should be held in a constructive and respectful manner. Please do not bash, spam, insult, accuse or provide unecessary responses.
  • Stay on Topic – Do not reply with one word comments that contribute absolutely nothing to the topic or discussion. Avoid derailing threads, if you feel the need to do so please PM or take the conversation to privacy.

In Game-Chat Channels


In Game-Chat Channels, (General, Allies, Party, Raid, etc.) are to be kept clean and respectful at all times. There should not be an excessive use of profanity, racial slurs, or political/religious context. These actions will not be tolerated and you will be punished accordingly. Even though there is a language filter on most games, many prefer not to use it; so please give each other some common courtesy. Remember, you are not only representing Eterna in-game but also Eterna Gaming Community as a whole.


In Game-Guild Alt Policy


Due to Roster limitations and restrictions, players are limited to their main chracter and 1 alt. Eterna Gaming has a general Free Alt Policy, you are more than welcome to invite 1 of your alternate chracters to the guild.


Real-life Family & Friends


Real-life family and friends are permitted to join the Community Resources (I.E Teamspeak, Personal Servers, Guild Hosting, etc.) through present members. However, they are still required to register and apply on the website if they are consistently using Community Resources (I.E Teamspeak, Personal Servers, Guild Hosting, etc.). When you have a Real Life family member and/or friend join, you are essentially putting your own membership up as collateral should a problem arise. While Real Life family and/or Friends are not exempt from the application process, they are encouraged to write down the member’s Forum name that referred them when prompted.


Behavior & Attitudes


Members and all visitors are asked to respect all other members and visitors as well as staff. If you are asked to observe certain rules by a staff member, you must comply, even if you wish to dispute the matter. Decisions may be reversed at a later time, but only if you initially comply. Continuous use of so-called ‘leet-speak’ or foreign languages is not encouraged, use (standard) English within the Community. Bad language on accident is understandable sometimes, but if taken to excess or if members complain about it, the offender will be asked to moderate their language. Continued offences can ultimately lead to disciplinary action as well. Also, bear in mind that our members come from different backgrounds of all ages, races, and sexes. Cooperation is something we pride ourselves on, and we wish for this tradition to continue within Eterna Gaming.

Members will carry an attitude that is motivational and uplifting in the general spirit of the Community. We will not harbour nor accept members who are emotionally unstable or have attitude issues with various members. Direct insults will not be tolerated, nor will provoking someone to get them upset be tolerated either.


Disputes and Arguments


We are all human and at some point we will have a disagreement with each other. All arguments should be handled discretely and not publicly. This means no spamming/trashtalking with insults, accusations etc. All arguments should be taking to private channels, so you are not ruining the other members gaming experience.


We utilize a chain of command. Under no circumstances will an anyone be scrutinized, harassed, or verbally abused. Everyone as a family works hard for the Community and are the foundation of the Community in which we all enjoy. Respect all of your fellow community memebers regardless of their position. Under no circumstances are arguments to be carried on using the Forums or any kind of Social Media. This causes more problems between members and sullies the very name Eterna Gaming. These type of actions will result in a warning (You only get 1), continuing these actions in the future will result in the removal from the community.


If a problem can not be resolved please bring it to the attention of the appropriate GM or Officers as soon as possible. If the issue STILL can not be resolved, contact a Community Manager to deal with the situation. The GM and Officers have the final word in any dispute between members that are within their corresponding Division. 

To dispute a decision made by a higher ranking staff member, please contact the Community Managers directly in confidence. If you are unable to contact us directly, please use the “Contact” tab at the top of the website.



We are not a Guild. We are a community. We, however are not a Community that wants to police its members. We hope to use this section only rarely, but any breach can be reported to a Community Manager who will deal with the matter.


Community Managers are responsible for deciding how to deal with Members who break charter rules.

Community Managers and Moderators have complete freedom of action and can warn, fine (as reparations, in case of breaches related to money or items), demote or remove Members as they see fit. Immediate removal from the Community or hosted Guilds will only occur in the gravest of circumstances. If possible, the breaches should be discussed by several members of the Leadership (I.E Community Manager, Moderators, Guild Leaders, Officers, etc.) before the more severe measures of demotion or removal are taken.


Breaches by recruits will face a lower level of tolerance than those of full members; they may be removed without consultation if their actions are made clear that they don’t share the general Community Spirit.


The Community Leadership have the right to use their judgement concerning anything that is not covered in the Guild Charter.

The Final Say

As before, the Leader has the final say. Any Management Position, such as Community Manager, Moderator, Guild Leadership, Guild Officers are not allowed to deviate from this charter or enforce rules not explicitly mentioned herein without consulting the Management of the Community first, except under extreme circumstances.


The Community reserves the right to change the contents of the charter at any time it is deemed necessary to do so. Agreement between the Management and Leadership is sufficient for such changes.