Bless Online Unveils New English Cinematic Trailer

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Following the Russian closed beta weekend on October 28-30, Bless Online unveils a new English cinematic trailer, introducing the world of the game. Watch the trailer below.



We are anticipating the new combat system that is being added to the game, but we’re sad to see it was not in the trailer. According to a post on Bless-Source Facebook, the game will come to west with a completely overhauled action combat system in 2017. Is Bless still one of your most anticipated titles in 2017?




We’re excited to see the game is coming to fruition here in the West, starting with Russia. Though we won’t see the Western version from Aeria Games soon enough, we at least have a chance to try this game out and hope to the Gods of RNG that the new Combat System coming out in 2017 will grow the game exponentially.

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